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We Help You Buy, Sell and Invest in Real Estate With Over 30 Years of Real Estate Experience

+30 Years of Experience

With over 30 years of real estate experience, we have learned everything from building codes to planning and zoning,
land development and we have used this knowledge to our benefit and want to share it with you!
We understand the real estate market is changing, learn how we can get you the most for your investment without sacrificing quality and care!

Beyond Experience

Paul Temaat has been in real estate for over three decades. It would be easy to say his experience is justified by the time put in - but for Paul, real estate knowledge should supersede hours clocked.
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If you were to buy and airplane, you would want to talk to someone who has bought, sold, owned and maintained many different types of airplanes, same with real estate.


Success Stories

"Paul is not your traditional realtor. He is a local product that knows the area and history. He also knows people. He is easygoing and will give you straight advice. Loved working with him on the sale of our house and searching for non-traditional sales(foreclosures, short sales, etc.) He was always knowledgeable and honest. Highly recommended for the person who wants flexibility in their realtor's approach and might be looking for a non-traditional purchase."

Why partner with temaat Real estate?

If you are a first-time home buyer, we can walk you through the process of buying a home, from the initial search for potential properties to closing on the sale. For first-time home sellers, we can also support you through every step of selling your home, from listing the home and staging to exchanging the keys. Even for seasoned home buyers or sellers, it pays to enlist a qualified professional to help you with this process. When you leave the real estate agent duties to us, you can focus on what you do best.

Our real estate services aren’t just for homeowners and residential home buyers — we are also happy to serve local businesses of all sizes. Whether you are gearing up to launch the small business of your dreams once you find the right brick-and-mortar location or you are looking for your fifth location for your business, our experienced real estate team can help you find the right place to attract the kind of traffic your business deserves.

For commercial properties, location matters just as much as the look, feel, and function of a property. Placing your business in the middle of all the action or a central area where your customer base is bound to find you will give your business the best chance of success in this new location. That’s where we come in to help.

Explore Evergreen

Explore Evergreen

Buying a home has plenty of different steps and paths that you can take. With a professional guiding you along the way, you can buy a home in the best way that works for you. See our guides of the different areas of expertise that Evergreen has to offer.

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Find out how Temaat Real Estate Investments can help you buy/sell/invest and get the most money! To start looking for your dream property in Evergreen, CO, call Paul Temaat Real Estate today!


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