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We are looking for second/vacation/air BNB homes in Florida.

Being a buyer in an unfamiliar land, and having been an investor in Colorado for so many years, I have unusual questions.
I’m looking for waterfront, canal, ocean or gulf. I have questions about foundations (mainly) structure, insulation, underground utilities, building practices and I could go on. Point is, I’m not going to find a real estate agent that has any idea about all the above to help me find the right home. No, I’m not going to go under contract on a home, pay and inspector, and hope he knows what he’s doing.
I could call builders, plumbers, electricians, etc. and talk to them all at great length, and maybe get honest impartial opinions on what I want to know.

I could go on about what is needed to purchase a home in a new land, but the point of this blog is…I’m a real estate agent here in Colorado with a unique background. I know foundations, different soils all over Colorado, building practices from every era in the last 100 years, all about utilities, wells, septics, electrical, plumbing so-on.

I simply don’t see the point of someone being paid ANYTHING really, for showing a few homes and drawing up the contract, when they know nothing about what they’re selling!
I’ve wondered for decades why real estate agents don’t need to know homes inside out! Yet they sell homes!

I can’t show a home without sharing in depth facts about it. If you need to know how many bedrooms, bathrooms, neighborhood, and is it pretty, then any one of the 50,000 real estate agents in Colorado will work. Or Zillow.
Knowing what your buying is vital, and most people don’t even think about these things. Even listing your home to sell, these are important. I had a client looking for high end homes in Evergreen, many didn’t even list the high-end features such as radiant floor heating ($100,000 option in many cases) or they listed options that didn’t exist. I think… “did the agent even see the home”? Maybe…but likely they knew nothing about it nor what to look for.

If your buying or selling a mountain home in Colorado, it’s important to know everything about it. Thats where I come in! “selling” I know what your features and upgrades are worth. “Buying” I know what your looking at, and I promise an ear full of facts you need to make this important decision!

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